ption, which was provided to local governmen

ts in the form of subsidies. A tot

al of 39.1% of local gover

nment spending came from c

entral government tra▓nsfer payme

nts. Revenue of local governments was 6.120204 trillion y▓uan, an increase of 1.050786 trillion yuan or 20.7%. 

This consisted of 3.258074 trillion yuan colle

cted by local governments, amounting

to 53.2% of to▓tal reven

ue, and 2.86213 trillion y

uan of tax rebates and transfer pa

yments from the central government, amounting to 46.8% of total revenue. Local government expenditures were 6.05

938 trillion yuan, ▓an increase of 1.134531 t

rillion yuan or 23%. Local governm

ent expenditures carried o

ver to 2010 (mainly becaus

e some of the money was not used f

or it▓s intended purposes in 2009, and a portion of the fun▓ds will be used this year for the same purposes) amo

unted to 260.824 billion yuan. Expenditures

exceeded revenue by 200 billion yuan

. With the approval of the

State Council, the Mini

stry of Finance offset this shor

tfall by issuing local government bonds on behalf of loca▓l governments. Are we the only intelligent life in the

ns envision by examining science-fiction works such as "War of the Worlds," "E.T." and "

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